Troyan region has traditions in the production of ceramic, woodwork and wrought iron of high quality and authentic design. The trojan ceramic is produced from high-quality clay, which is produced by traditional technology, approved and tested for centuries. Production technology by unrolling and casting, as it has been handed down from master to master over the centuries.The products are baked on biscuit and once again with glaze. Wood products are manufactured from pre well-chosen wood such as beech, linden and softwood! Well dried in ovens and then treated as end products with high quality and precision in woodworking machinery! Wrought iron has been sculpt in the hands of the most best master blacksmith!Treated with high quality paints! The modern interior as bit, and restaurant and hotel is unthinkable without the use of modern pottery, wood and metal works, which give intimacy and comfort and feature with durability on high and low temperatures and humidity. Let's not forget the traditions of our ancestors.


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