Welcome to "GIA" 's website. We assure you that you will find something interesting and useful for you and your family. Our aim is to make your life healthier, but also to make your interior visually more unique. With our more than 500 products from CERAMICS , WOOD PRODUCTS , WROUGHT IRON , along with many other interesting surprises for you!


Company "GIA" has been created in February 1997 year. It is patented as a trademark in patent department of Republic Bulgaria on 15 January 2004 year with registration number 52588. All products with this trademark are with quality guarantee.


The company owns a quality certificate No.7252/02,03,2007 for its products. The certificate is issued by an authorized research canter FM GLOBAL TEST. We own and a health certificate for export to countries of the European Union issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria!

Number of products

The company "GIA" owns a wide range of products and its own Distributive Center with more then 500 articles. We continue to increase our products! We apply the following maxim: "He who stops to become better, it just stops being good"!

"GIA" 's exclusive trade partners

TV. Kaufland; Metro; Prakticer; Carrefour; Balkanica distral S.L .; Domestic restaurants "To sit"; Complex "Dimoli" Clubs and traditional restaurants "Wanita"; Entertainment complex "Wanita"; Pizzaria "Prada" and "Pizza - Fritzi "


Gia’s activity includes production and distribution of ceramic products /folk-style ceramic, garden ceramic, souvenir ceramic! Wood products / boards for bread, rectangular boards, cutting plant boards, round boards and other /! Wrought iron! And many products for domestic restaurants, tavern, pizzerias, etc.

We recommend

Complete equipment for your folk-style restaurant, your tavern or barbecue.Also, it provides full ceramic equipment for your garden and Interior solutions for your Hotel or home.


"GIA" distributes its products to the clients own weekly bases, therefore the clients'warehouses can have just optimal supplies of the products. No matter whether the supply exceeds the number of products, the delivery service is still free. The individual orders are delivered by the delivery service "Speedy".


All prices are expressed in Bulgarian currency- LEV. To convert it in EUR: / 1 EUR = 1.95583 LEV / ! All products in the site you have the opportunity to buy with online order! That to which we aspire from "GIA" is a first-class quality and accuracy in supply. We will win your trust !

New and featured products!

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