Топ продукти

Flowerpot Rounded / ΓΛΑΣΤΡΕΣ-A

   * Flowerpot-pot-bellied in  natural colour in Italian style- set of coaster, produced...

Wooden Cradle

 A wooden cradle with soft cushion. It is produced for Italian market. It is suitable for your...

Flowerpot Rounded Four Colour / ΓΛΑΣΤΡΕΣ-A

  Wide variety of colours and sizes. Ceramic flowerpots satisfying the claims of every taste. ...

Earthware Dishes / ΓΙΟΥΒΕΤΣΑΚΙ TROYAN-0.8ml

  In addition to all of the rest dishes you also meny others on the table like souse-boat, oil-bottle,...

Round Flowerpot Natural Colour /ΓΛΑΣΤΡΑ  - В

* Conventional  round Flowerpot  in natural colour – set of coaster, produced in four ...

Tavern-Keeper Spit / ΣΟΥΒΛΑΚΙ ΜΕ ΒΑΣΗ


Welcome to GIA Ceramics

 Production and distribution of        BULGARIAN CERAMICS  / Εμποpιο Χονδpικη - Λιανικη

We are offering you:              

  • Complete equipment for your folk-style restaurant, your tavern or barbecue

  • Full ceramic equipment of your garden

  • Interior solutions for your Hotel or home


  • Ολοκληpωμενος  Εξοπλισμος  Μαγαζιου - Ταβεpνας